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Revive the radiance of your asphalt with our Kansas City Sealcoating service, breathing new life into your paving with the highest quality sealing and application methods

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Ready to roll with hassle-free asphalt repairs? Let our friendly and reliable team at Kansas City Asphalt pave the way for a seamless experience! Trust in the trusted, and join the countless happy customers who've experienced our top-notch service

We Explain The Process

Discover the secret to a longevity with our pavement by learning about the process of sealcoating! Our friendly experts will walk you through our methods, and show you the vital importance of regularly reapplying the seal every three years or so.

Best Materials & Methods

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your asphalt is treated to the finest sealing materials and expert application techniques, promising longevity and protection for years to come.

Why Sealcoating Is So Important?

Save your asphalt from the elements with a coat of preventative love. Our expert sealcoating service covers your pavement with a protective shield made of the best quality emulsions. By fortifying the surface against water, gasoline, oils, and UV rays, we ensure your asphalt stays in top shape and avoids costly repairs in the future.

The First 5 Years

Revitalize your asphalt's radiance with our sealcoating service. When the sun and water work together to strip away the oil in the asphalt, the pavement begins to deteriorate and fall apart. But with a fresh coat of sealcoat, the bond between the aggregate is restored, and your asphalt surface can bloom once again.

5 Years And Over

A freshly-laid asphalt surface can quickly deteriorate and disintegrate from the top down in as little as a decade if it's not properly sealed. Regularly applying a sealcoat every 4 to 7 years stops this wear and tear, leaving you with a sleek, eye-catching surface. Why settle for dull and lackluster pavement when you can keep it looking pristine with regular sealcoating?

Just Make It Look Pretty!

Our customers understand the importance of maintaining their asphalt surfaces and opt for proactive measures to keep it looking as good as new. With our custom maintenance plans, you can have pavement that not only withstands the test of time but also adds to your property's curb appeal with its glossy, jet-black finish. Let us create a proposal tailored to your needs and priorities.

What To Anticipate When Reaching Out To Our Sealcoat Specialists...

Step #1 - Contact Us

Make the first move towards flawless pavement by reaching out to us. Our knowledgeable team is available to chat by phone or you can send us a quick email through our website. We will schedule a day and time to send one of our friendly estimators to assess your paving.

Step #2 - Get You An Estimate

Get ready to say hello to a smooth, sealed driveway! One of our expert estimators will evaluate your pavement's sealcoat needs. You'll receive a complimentary, no-strings-attached quote on the necessary work, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Step #3 - We Get To Work!

Once you've had a chance to review our estimate and it meets your approval, we'll get started. Our skilled team works efficiently and safely to deliver top-notch sealcoating services with unwavering attention to detail and quality.

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