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Say goodbye to unsightly issues and rough rides on your asphalt surfaces! With our expert Kansas City asphalt repair services, we bring life back to your pavement with seamless fixes for cracks, potholes, discoloration and any other issues.

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Preventative Service

Why wait for small cracks to become big problems? With our asphalt maintenance and repair services in Kansas City, you can nip issues in the bud and keep your driveways and parking lots in tip-top shape. Trust us to reduce liability and keep conditions from worsening.

Expert Advice

Say goodbye to pavement problems with our asphalt magic! Whether you need commercial patches or a fix for cracks and potholes, we've got the right mix for you. Let our experts cast a spell of durability and reliability on your paving project with a quick consultation and a quote that won't break the bank.

Unmatched Quality

Our repair work is unmatched in quality, thanks to the premium mixes and fillers we use on every crack and every pothole we fill. We're so confident in our techniques that we even offer warranties on our repairs. That's how dedicated we are to delivering exceptional results!

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Cracks Repaired

Have a crack in your pavement? Don't let it turn into a full-blown fissure! Ignoring cracks is like inviting nature to wreak havoc on your asphalt. Water, weeds, and other nuisances will find their way in, eroding your foundation and causing bigger issues like potholes and sinkholes. Save your pavement before it's too late!


Mending a pothole or asphalt excavation is like giving first aid to your pavement. With a swift patch job, you can control the spread of the damage and avoid more costly treatments down the road. Neglecting a pothole is like leaving an open wound to fester - water seeps in, weakens the foundation, and leads to larger and more serious issues. Think of patching as a permanent fix or a temporary band-aid, depending on the depth of the repair.


Maximize the life of your asphalt surface by including a sealcoat as part of your maintenance routine. We know maintenance can be a bummer, but it's just like giving your car an oil change - by staying on top of upkeep, you can double the lifespan of your driveway or parking lot and save money in the long run, rather than shelling out a hefty sum for costly asphalt repairs or resurfacing down the line.

Asphalt Overlays

Wanna breathe new life into your tired, old asphalt? A handy solution could be an overlay! Think of it as a facelift for your pavement - we'll smooth on a fresh layer of hot asphalt, masking those cracks and potholes like magic. Just keep in mind, an overlay is more of a quick fix, not a permanent cure for underlying issues. But don't worry, our experts will be happy to chat with you about all your options and help you pick the best route for your pavement.

Rolling Out Repairs Has Never Been Easier! Get Scheduled With These Simple Steps!

Step #1 - Contact Us

Say goodbye to damaged asphalt and hello to a smooth, seamless repair experience! With just a quick call or a few clicks, you can have an estimate in your hands. And the best part? No strings attached - a completely obligation-free consultation awaits you.

Step #2 - Get You An Estimate

Give your pavement some TLC with a check-up from one of our estimators! They'll assess the situation, provide a precise estimate, and give you a timeline for when our A-team of experts will perform the repairs. Let's get those cracks and potholes filled in no time!

Step #3 - We Get To Work

Once you give us the green light, we'll set up a schedule that works best for you. On the big day, our paving pros will show up with all the tools and top-notch materials needed to repair your asphalt. Get ready to enjoy a smooth, beautiful surface that will last for years to come!

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