Most jobs begin with an engineered set of plans. Although most commercial jobs are laid out by the builder, there are many times a residential job is laid out by the asphalt contractor. All of the owners at Kansas City Asphalt Paving LLC are skilled in reading plans to achieve the engineered layout. There are some industrial jobs, and many homeowner jobs, that do not have a plan. Here is where our 25 years of experience will help you achieve a finished job that best fits your needs.

Constructing asphalt surface

The thickness of the asphalt surface will vary depending on the project. Residential, and most commercial jobs, will call for a 2" compacted asphalt surface. Some industrial and street projects may require applying multiple asphalt layers, such as 4" compacted asphalt base installed in two 2" applications. The first being type “1-01 or BM-2" mix or base mix asphalt. The second being a finish grade type “3-01 or BM2B” mix asphalt. Mix Designs vary from Kansas & Missouri. Some projects, such as streets, could require as much as 11" of compacted asphalt by installing multiple layers of base mix asphalt.

Excavation for new construction

Most commercial and residential specifications are excavated to a depth that allows for a 4" rock base and a 3" asphalt surface. Most industrial and some commercial service entrances are excavated to a depth that allows for a 6" rock base and 4" asphalt surface.

Constructing a rock base

The thickness of the rock base will vary depending on the project. Some industrial specifications require an 8" to 10" compacted rock base. Most residential and commercial specifications require a 4" to 6" compacted rock base using the smaller stone (AB3 Rock) throughout.